"Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me." - Matthew 18:5

Love and Grace Boys Home

Haiti has experienced more than its fair share of tragedy over the years and, sadly, the country’s children often suffer the most in the wake of these terrible circumstances. Founded in 2009, Love and Grace Boys Home help boys who have been orphaned in Haiti or whose parent(s) cannot take care of them and provide them the kind of upbringing that will shape them into caring, conscientious adults. The home started with only five boys and now is home to 21 boys.

Knowing that the children of Haiti were in need of extra love and support, Love and Grace Ministries came to the island to establish a boys home where they could feel cared for and safe. Along with receiving basic needs like food and shelter, the boys are given an education and are grounded in traditional Christian values. The goal is to give these young boys hope for the future, and the kind of knowledge and skills that will help them lead Haiti’s next generation of leaders. 



We have a team that will be visiting the boys in Haiti from June 9 -22.  You will have opportunities to see what God is doing here in Haiti, participate in a nightly praise and devotion time with the boys, and have a chance to serve others.  You will also get lots of smiles and hugs from the guys, just like in the picture below.

If you think you might be interested in joining or just want to learn more about what going on a trip would look like, please contact Nan at to get more information.


Many orphanages and Haiti ministries have come and gone in Haiti, but Love and Grace Boys Home has proven its staying power. Built just prior to the devastating earthquake that hit the island in 2010, the boys home was able to expand just a few months after the devastating event, and grew its operations to serve several newly orphaned boys.

In the years since, the number of boys who call Love and Grace home continued to grow. With your help, we can continue to make the lives of these Haitian boys more enjoyable, fulfilling and hopeful as they emerge into adulthood and lead their country forward.