"Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me." - Matthew 18:5

Love and Grace Sponsorship

At Love and Grace Ministries we rely on sponsorship in order to operate our ministry - without the generosity of sponsors, we would not be able to provide for the boys and our staff.  Please consider supporting our ministry which will make an immeasurable difference in a boy's life. Below are the different ways you can be a sponsor:

Monthly Individual Sponsorship
The Individual Sponsorship is where you will be paired with a boy or young man in need. Your donations will go directly towards that boy’s education and medical expenses.  When our boy’s turn 18 years old, they move into our Bridge Home but continue their education until they graduate, then learn a vocation or attend a college to become self-sufficient and on their own.  Your Individual Sponsorship donation will allow them to receive these necessary basic needs. You can choose to commit to sponsor a boy for as little as $25 a month to $250 a month. 

Monthly Boys or Bridge Home Sponsorship
The Boys and Bridge Home Sponsorship supports the operating costs for all the boy's home such as food, clean water, rent, electricity home supplies and staff, which are vital to providing a safe, clean and comfortable place for them.  Home Sponsorship donations can be for be any amount starting from $10 a month to fit your personal giving capabilities. 

Wishlist and Special Packages For The Boys
The Boys and Bridge Home are always looking for various items to help us in our mission. We accept toiletries, school supplies, clothing and any other supplies that are necessary to our operations and the boy's needs.  Or if you would like to send a gift for a specific purpose, such as a birthday or Christmas to your sponsored boy (or any boy), please designate and write a brief description with your donation.  The boys also love receiving letters. If you would like to send a package, please review the Wishlist below and then contact Nancy Turner to know what, when and where to send your gift.

General Donations

How to DonateWe know that monthly donations are a big commitment and might not be in  everyone's capabilities.  If you are unable to commit to a monthly sponsorship but would still like to support Love and Grace Ministries-Haiti, please consider making a one-time donation. Your tax deductible donations enable our ministry to give the boys who live here everything from the day-to-day basics to education materials to first-rate medical care along with love and emotional support. One-time donations go directly towards to our general fund, unless otherwise specified.

Please note that Love & Grace pays a transaction fee for all credit card and PayPal donations - so if you can pay by using the EFT Corporation (electronic funds transfer) - which is an eCheck it will save us on that fee.
AmazonSmile.  Love and Grace Ministries is part of the AmazonSmile program.  It is a simple and automatic way for you to support us every time you shop online, at no cost to you.   Just sign in to or simply select “Your Account” from the navigation page, and then select the option to “Change your Charity” to Love and Grace Ministries - Haiti.   We have also provided you a link below to our Amazon Wish List for specific donation items. 


Over 1.5 billion people suffer from soil transmitted diseases worldwide and without shoes, children are especially vulnerable to soil-transmitted diseases and parasites that can cause illness and even death. Children who get sick miss school, can’t help their families, and suffer needlessly. And since children’s feet grow so quickly, they often outgrow donated shoes within a year, leaving them once again exposed to illness and disease.

The Shoe That Grows can change all that.  

The Shoe That Grows is a shoe that can adjust and expand 5 sizes and last up to 5 years. It comes in a SMALL (fitting kids ages 5-10) and LARGE (fitting kids ages 10-15). So far The Shoe has been in 20 countries impacting thousands of children helping them have long-lasting shoes to protect their feet.  How It Works Video

We are working hand-in-hand with Because International to cover the cost of the shoes ($15 per pair) through donations and by fundraising together.  We have created a fundraising page where you can give - our goal is to collect $4,500 by the end of Spring 2018.  The shoes are then packed in large duffel bags and shipped to Love and Grace to bring down to Haiti with the summer mission teams.   They, along with the boys from the orphanage, will distribute the shoes to the children of Haiti, especially in the tent cities.

Donate through our Fundraising Page.